Principal Desk

Sunshine International School is established in the year 2009 and I am fortunate enough to join this family of educators. “Sunshine” represents light and warmth from the sunrays. It is a source of cheerfulness, geniality and happiness. It reveals “A happy person who brightens the lives of others”. As a school, we draw a few essentials of our educational endeavor from this awesome evocation. Much like the Sun, each child has a light that needs to be enlightened by love, care and combined efforts of school and home. Childhood is to be lived exuberantly and only those who are able to live a delightful childhood can spread the happiness around in future.
It is all about our child’s celebration: celebration of his ideas, his fights of fancy, and his innocence, his understanding of the colorful world around him, his interesting questions that appear to be vexing or meaningless to you.
Our school is a place where we intend to learn about the totality, the wholeness of life. As a school, we are keen to find an intelligent balance between content and form in all its endeavors. We would like our children to excel academically and develop an overall, multi-dimensional, competence, confidence and understanding of matters so that they might experience life in a responsible and complete manner. The purpose, the aim and the drive of our school is to equip the children with knowledge and educational proficiency so that they may function with clarity and efficiency in the modern world.
Our endeavor at Sunshine International School is to make classroom teaching more interesting and gripping so that children develop intrinsic interest in the subject.
The efforts of our team comprising of Chairman, Faculty, Staff and the students appear to be yielding the results that we had set out to achieve. The school management is determined to make the school stronger, subtler and better in every aspect so that it can draw the best faculty and the promising students.
We stand grateful to all the segments of people who made the school what it is today, developing well and in the right direction.