Principal Desk

Mr. C.S. Johny

(Mr. Johny has a rich experience of teaching that spans over 30 years. He was a team player in various institutions like Don Bosco and Navodaya Vidyalaya. He was rendering his service as the principal of St. Peters Senior Secondary School, Cochin, kerala from 2005 to 2014.)

I am delighted to pen a few lines for the next issue of Sunshine International School’s quarterly bulletin. I am looking forward to joining you all soon to be part of the great Sunshine International School family. As I prepare for the take-off, I sat thinking of the vision I have for the school, and the following thoughts came to my mind. I wish to link my vision for the school with the well-chosen name of the school itself: SUNSHINE. The sun is the centre of the solar system of which our planet is a member. The sun is a self-luminous celestial body generating its own heat and light by converting hydrogen into helium on a continuous basis. It provides light and heat to the eight planets and their numerous satellites. Similarly, I visualize a school in which every student is able to discover himself, his inner and innate potential and develop the same to the fullest extent possible and thus bring ‘sunshine’ into everyone’s life. In other words, every child should become self luminous enough to light up the world around him. This journey into self-discovery and self-realization is possible only with a lot of activities that interest and attract the students and at the same time provide learning experiences for them. I visualize students who become self-directed and life-long learners with the capacity to learn, unlearn and re-learn. I dream of a school in which all students are avid readers of books and journals especially as they move into the higher classes, able to sift information and express the same in their own words.

I dream of students who progress from mechanical and rote learning into the realm of rational and creative thinking. I dream of students who work to understand the basics of every subject and thus lay the foundations for mastering more complex and sublime concepts later on. This apart, I would like students to bloom into good human beings, refined in behavior, polite in the use of language, considerate towards fellow beings, with a great sense of values, including a high degree of personal discipline. Eighty-five percent of a school’s achievement in every sphere depends on the teachers. I look forward to working with a team of talented and committed teachers who would be willing to constantly keep abreast of the progress in their respective subjects as well as pedagogy. I would like to associate with teachers who are keen to innovate and adapt to the level of every child so that learning becomes a memorable and delectable experience for him. I would like teachers to focus on their work rather than on the clock. As the CBSE has embarked on the mandatory process of accreditation of schools, it is also my desire to see that our school gets the best ranking. To this end, we should have a system in place to record and document every activity involving students within and without the campus.

I believe that education is leading the child by hand – one hand held by the teacher and the other by parents – leading them to a stature where they walk independently lending a helping hand to fellow human beings. Besides giving maximum attention to children at home, I want the parents to contribute to the progress of the school in general and students in particular by sharing their expertise with the students, thereby helping them to find their niche in life. Let us all be a cohesive team working towards a single end: EXCELLENCE. Best wishes to everyone!