School Profile

Mission statement :

"Our goal is to provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment which encourages creativity, participation and zest for learning"

SIS is completing 4yrs of commendable service in the field of education. Within a short span of four years, our institution aims to carve a niche for itself in the field. Qualified teaching faculty, an ideal teacher-student ratio & various co curricular activities are some of the features offered by us.

So far, we were in a relentless pursuit for exemplary education. We believe that the scope of education is not merely to provide information and technical skills but to achieve the formation of a sound human personality. It's with full confidence that we assure an education that would give an excellent all round development of students. Here at Sunshine International Schoo, we are concentrating more on quality than on quantity. Let us remember that parents and education need to empower and equip our children to face the challenge of the contemporary society. It’s our supreme responsibility to the present and future generation to help them grow and develop as complete individuals. Every child who comes to us will be special. We promise, we will leave no stone unturned in shaping bright and successful scholars and leaders replete with human values. It is aptly said: 'a child's mind is like fertile soil where seeds will grow , how he will blossom , what he will be, depends on what we sow'.

It's with immense pleasure and gratitude that we declare that our scholars are disciplined, faculty members are hard working and leaders of the school are visionaries. We hope these 3 categories: disciplined pupils, sincere teachers and leaders with vision working together will help our school to become one of the best in the whole of this eastern province.