Co Curriculum (Sports,Arts,Clubs etc)

School Network

A School network has been setup linking the Administrative offices,classrooms and other areas.

Interactive Smart boards/Multi-Media room will facilitate the children to acquire more and more

concepts/knowledge through latest technology.


SIS believes in all-round development of the students and will take initiative to develop the child’s

skills with Yoga meditation sessions and sports activities.

Karate/Music/Dance/Keyboard- special classes will be conducted for internal & external students.

Scout &Guide- SIS will have facilities for Scout & Guide training with a focus on personality

development/ Good citizens and social commitment.

Personal Counselling & Speech Craft Sessions

The school provides personal counselling & speech craft sessions to students by expert counselors

to enable them to excel in their academics as well as in extracurricular field.

Abacus Class- special classes for internal &external students.

Workshops & Seminars

SIS facilitates the students,teachers and community with exposure to seminars for their upliftment

in verbal communication and enhance their social development. Workshops will be conducted for

the teachers as well to promote sharing of knowledge and update the syllabus to be taught.